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What is T-Foil?

T-Foil is an all-in-one vapor barrier and insulation hanging system manufactured in Vancouver, WA by JAS Enterprises. This all-in-one system is installer friendly, does not compress insulation, allows for ventilation, packages for easy transport and can be manufactured to suit your specific job requirements.

T-Foil Product Details

  • Varying drop card sizes: 4″ to 18″
  • Allows for proper ventilation and air flow
  • Vapor Barrier UL tested
  • T-Foil is packed 5/30′ pieces per roll, equaling 300 sqft.
  • This hanging system does not compress insulation
  • Great for wooden structures
  • T-Foil is available in White, Black or Foil Facing
  • Manufactured in Vancouver, WA

Easy Install

T-Foil is available in White, Black or Foil Facing and is the perfect solution for your current insulation needs. Its light weight, easy to install and the finished product looks great!

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T-Foil Installation Requirements

  • Always verify square foot requirements before ordering and order in 300 sqft increments
  • T-Foil can be ordered to handle up to R49 insulation material
  • When stapling drop card to trusses, make sure to use a 508-C quality staple and staple every 5-inches
  • When stapling bottom overlapping section, make sure to use ACE 70001 staples only
  • When stapling bottom overlapping section, make sure vapor barrier is overlapped 1-inch and stapled every 4-inches.
  • Make sure to account for correct air space/ventilation requirements
  • Make sure moisture content is not excessive when installing T-Foil

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